11 Stars Who Appeared on ‘Coach,’ Which Ended 25 Years Ago

11 Stars Who Appeared on ‘Coach,’ Which Ended 25 Years Ago

Like other TV comedies set in the sports world, Coach had its fair share of real-life athletes playing fictionalized versions of themselves. Troy Aikman, Keyshawn Johnson, and Mike Ditka all had cameos on the show, to name a few. But those aren’t the only names you’d recognize in Coach’s guest-starring credits.

The ABC sitcom, which starred Craig T. Nelson as Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles coach Hayden Fox, boasted the talent of many other TV stars. Some were already big names in Hollywood, and others were still on the rise.

Now that Coach has been off the air for 25 years—it ended May 14, 1997, after nine seasons and 200 episodes—we’re rounding up the familiar faces who made guest appearances.

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