Amouranth shows curves in tight pink jumpsuit

Amouranth shows curves in tight pink jumpsuit

Amouranth shows curves in tight pink jumpsuit
Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa during a try-on haul video. Pic credit: Amouranth/YouTube

Twitch streamer Amouranth wowed fans with another scorching thirst trap, as she posed in a tight jumpsuit for a series of social media photos.

While she once existed with other popular streamers and influencers on Instagram, the popular cosplayer was banned from the social media platform, eliminating one of her sources of fans and subscribers.

Even so, she’s continued forth and been banking plenty from her Twitch streams and exclusive content and started making significant investments to ensure a solid retirement.

Amouranth poses in pink jumpsuit for fans

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa showed off her curvy body while posing in a stunning pink jumpsuit. In one of her selfies, she had her phone in hand as she knelt on the plush rug, bed, or sofa.

The pink jumpsuit featured strategic cutouts with ring clasps showing off plenty of skin for the 28-year-old from Houston, Texas, and followed in the footsteps of the previous heat-seeking posts she shared on her Twitter.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” she wrote in her tweet, which racked up 21,000 Likes and over 500 comments.

However, a previous tweet outdid that one, with Amouranth standing in front of a window to give the viewer a side view and booty pose.

“Don’t scroll pass without hitying ❤️,” her tweet said.

Her first post in the outfit received the most attention of the three, though. The Twitch star stood facing the camera with her red hair in one hand and her other hand resting against the side and back of her head.

Like the other tweet, she requested people to hit Like the tweet as they stopped by.

It grabbed over 37,000 Likes and 467 comments for the well-known internet model and multi-millionaire. Another image shared days before that received 40,000 Likes and counting as of this report.

Amouranth explained Instagram bans

Many celebrities regularly share sizzling bikini and lingerie posts on Instagram, including golf star Paige Spiranac, WWE star Mandy Rose, and AEW’s Paige VanZant.

Amouranth used to be amongst those celebs using the Gram to help gain fans and followers, who she could potentially convert into subscribers for her other platforms, including Twitch and OnlyFans. However, she had several accounts banned on Instagram, including a personal account.

During her December 2021 appearance on Ludwig’s the Yard (below), Amouranth explained that her Instagram got banned due to receiving mass reports against her account. She said that even though she’d done nothing wrong to get banned, she needed an account manager to help her get the ban lifted.

“I’m in talks with people trying to get unbanned and apparently there’s nothing that I did wrong. But because I get so many mass reports, no one wants to take on the role of managing my account,” she said.

Instagram or not, she’s still thriving without it. Her current Twitch subscriber count is over four million, while her Twitter following is over 2.4 million, and she boasts over 800,000 on her main YouTube channel. As of this report, an Amouranth ASMR channel has over 500,000 subscribers.

The cosplay and Twitch star also offers explicit (NSFW) content on OnlyFans, Fansly, CENTERFOLD, and Patreon at a price. She’s made millions from the subscriber-based platforms along with her Twitch streaming and other online gigs, to the point she’s been making huge investments to set up her future.

As she previously stated, the end goal is to retire from being an “e-girl,” so she’s turned to passive income investments. They’ve included dividend-paying stocks and businesses like convenience stores, gas stations, and inflatable pool toy companies.

This past April, Amouranth revealed she planned to retire in June at the young age of 28 and based on her millions of dollars in passive-income investments, she seems about ready to live comfortably without some of her online gigs.

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