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Big Brother Wildcard Competition punishment revealed by winner?

Big Brother Wildcard Competition punishment revealed by winner?

Derek Frazier is having fun on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

Another Big Brother Wildcard Competition was played this week and it results in another member of the BB23 cast attaining safety for the week. That safety could be really important as well, but not just because they are safe in Week 4.

Claire Rehfuss won the Wildcard Competition this week. She was up against Whitney Williams and Azah Awasum, and all three ladies had hoped that they were going to emerge from the challenge with safety for the week.

The good news for Claire is that she was never really a target for new Head of Household Christian Birkenberger, but at least her safety ensured that he wasn’t even going to consider putting her on the block.

There is a lot more to this particular Wildcard safety, though, and we may have to wait until the August 1 episode to find out the minute details about it. But Claire did talk a bit on the Big Brother live feeds and there appear to be a few details that have already leaked.

What did Claire get for winning Wildcard Competition?

According to Claire, she is now safe until the BB23 jury starts forming. If the show follows the same format as it has in previous seasons, the BB23 jury would start forming after the fifth Eviction Ceremony has taken place.

If Claire was correct in her re-telling of the events, then she is safe for Week 4 while Christian is the Head of Household, and then she is safe again in Week 5 when a new HOH takes the power. That’s great news for her, especially if someone she is not aligned with wins the next HOH Competition.

Is there a Big Brother punishment for Claire taking safety?

Big Brother rumors state that Claire had to give up her vote at the next two Eviction Ceremonies if she decided to take safety. That is what has been gleaned from the Big Brother live feeds, but since she didn’t explain it in detail, we may be missing the finer points of the punishment.

Giving up your eviction vote for two weeks isn’t that big of a deal if the house is voting as a unit. But if one of the upcoming eviction votes gets really close, Claire might start thinking about how important her vote could have been. Still, having safety from the block and getting a guaranteed spot in the BB23 jury without inflicting punishment on anyone else might be too good for someone to pass up.

As we stated, the specific details of these Wildcard Competition results will be revealed during the Sunday, August 1 episode of the show, but we know with 100 percent certainty that Claire is now safe.

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Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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