Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch Review

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch Review


Samsung being a big name made a change to its smartwatch line, its Samsung smartwatch 46mm LTE and not gear. It has amazing features including four days of battery life, great fitness features, an attractive design, built-in music storage, and a step forward for smartwatches. I believe that smartwatches have a special place in the world. As smartphones are getting bigger, smartwatches are handy and you can simply glance time, weather conditions, who is calling or texting, and much more at your wrist.

Samsung smartwatch 46mm LTE Design
The stylish Samsung smartwatch comes into two sizes 42mm version or a larger 46mm model, and are available in three different colors, Midnight Black, Rose Gold, and Silver.
The first thing that grabs your attention for the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is its natural look that comes straight out of the box. It has a nice circular face with a metallic body. Moreover, if you are looking for something more traditional than Apple watch then it will be a perfect choice for you. Samsung galaxy smartwatch is the inferior intimation of traditional watches.
Samsung cannot match Apple when it comes to functionality and inbuilt quality. Even the most affordable Apple watch looks much more expensive than it really is, and sits so uniformly on the wrist. On the other hand, Galaxy smartwatch is not terrible but it comparatively looks cheaper than its actual price and feels a piece of technology and not a piece of jewelry.

The Samsung Galaxy watch 46mm features a high-resolution 13-inch display screen having 16 million colors. The Samsung galaxy smartwatch comes with two strap sizes, one for bigger hand and other for smaller hands. It contains AMOLED panel and the colors you see are pretty rich and black inside. This panel also helps to save the battery life and provides exceptional features of Always-On display.

samsung galaxy watchSoftware
This smartwatch runs on a Tizen based wearable OS 4.0. The Tizen and Android-based OS are both built on Linux. The interface is user-friendly and easy to understand. Tizen 4.0 offers you a linear layout and contains other widgets including music player, calendar, fitness tracker, contacts lay on the right side of the face of the smartwatch, and all the notifications on the right side of the watch face.
Tizen has the biggest drawback that it does not support third-party apps and we can only use the built-in apps. Play store or any other app does not support this software.

Samsung Galaxy smartwatch is fast and intuitive and the whole interface can be accessed by full touch display on the watch. Forgoing back, you need to press the physical back button whereas the home button takes you directly to watch face. When you double-tap the home button, you can access the recently opened apps as well.

Health Focus
The major focus of Samsung Galaxy watch is health, and Samsung’s health is managed with expanded with new breathing features and stress management. Moreover, it encompasses 21 indoor exercises and 39 outdoor tracked workouts.

The list includes:
Another workout
Burpee test
Bench press
Back extensions
Arm extensions
Arm curls
Circuit training
Weight machine
Exercise Bike
Leg raises
Lateral raises
Leg press
Elliptical trainer
Front raises
Lat pulldowns
Legs curls
Leg extensions
Mountain climbers
Rowing machine
Shoulder presses
Star jumps
Step machine

You can switch the exercises by rotating the bezel on the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch. If you are a regular user then you will find this smartwatch a perfect one. Also, it helps to measure your breathing and reminds you to breathe deeply. Moreover, it provides you with a neat little stress score.

Mobile App
The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch lets the watch synchronize with your iOS or Android smartphone. Once you are ready to use the app, you can see nearly all the settings and customization options and turn location on. Hence the app lets you locate your smartphone if it is lost or stolen.

Self-Cleaning Speakers
The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch provides the water-lock mode that functions to lock the touch screen from being used whenever your watch is exposed to water. It also features the self-cleaning of speakers through gush air if any water gets inside when you are exposed to water.

Bixby Integration
All the versions of Samsung smartwatches feature Bixby integration. The Samsung voice assistant can be triggered at any time by speaking “Hey Bixby”. But, unfortunately, it is a big hit or miss. Speech detection capacity isn’t that good and response times are sometimes painfully slow.

Battery Life
Above all the features mentioned above, we are amazed by the battery life of Samsung Galaxy smartwatch at first. The 472mAh battery size takes almost two hours to completely charge. Once completely charged, it can last for three to four days easily on basic light usage. If you use GPS music and other features then you can go with this battery for 2 days. The Always-On display screen will consume more battery and will kill the battery in a single day.

The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch version 46mm is one of the best watches Samsung ever made. It is more attractive than previous versions and comes packing some neat new fitness-tracking abilities, making for a compelling package.

News and Updates
In version 46mm Samsung smartwatch, the biggest issue with auto alarms from a paired smartphone has been fixed. The updates improve the overall reliability of this system.
I suggest you purchase the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch if you want to keep yourself updated with your fitness routine and want to track your sleeping hours. You can use it as a wristwatch and use its interface for various purposes. Stay ahead of the trend and worth it!

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Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch Review

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch Review

  Samsung being a big name made a change to its smartwatch line, its Samsung smartwatch 46mm LTE...
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