Britney Spears pumps iron in gym shorts

Britney Spears pumps iron in gym shorts

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Britney Spears is showing off her stunning workout body as she gets active and breaks a sweat in a skimpy look.

The singer, 40, has largely been making headlines for enjoying her newly-married life since tying the knot with husband Sam Asghari on June 9, and the personal trainer featured in her pre-weekend Instagram update.

Announcing she’s lost weight as she powered through a workout, Britney showcased her super-toned figure and how she keeps in shape while pumping iron from her home garage, also putting on a sweet PDA with her husband.

Wearing a tiny pink sports bra and minimal blue shorts, the pop princess added in a yellow sweatband on her left wrist – she was seen with her legs on either side of a workout bench ahead of a dumbbell workout that also showed off her back tattoo.

Dripping with sweat and with her hair in a ponytail, the Grammy winner was also seen downing water – at the end of the video, she and hubby Sam touched tongues for a fun and flirty moment.

“Ok so yeah…I’m showing my body!! I’m sweating like crazy!!! I’m proud I lost 5 pounds,” the Toxic singer wrote.

Spears is known for addressing her weight on a semi-regular basis on her Instagram, followed by over 41 million. She’s discussed being at various weights and tends to state that she’s happier when she’s a little heavier.

Britney Spears tried the ice cream diet

In 2021, Britney was seemingly playing around with the different ways that she can feed her body. “So …. I tried the ice cream diet and since my favorite flavor is strawberry 🍓 I realized after a week eating it twice a day I needed to mix it up !!!! I switched to chocolate 🍫 …. then I got bored of that one really fast so finally I went to vanilla 🍦🤣😂😋 !!!!” she told her followers.

Britney has also divulged working “hard” to shed the pounds this year.

Britney Spears worked ‘hard’ to lose weight before pregnancy

In April, the Circus hitmaker made headlines for announcing her pregnancy – sadly, the joy was short-lived as Britney and Sam lost their baby in a miscarriage. Spears was pregnant when she wrote:

“I worked so hard to lose weight and I actually did … then I found out a small little fetus was growing in there and was extremely hungry 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🤷🏼‍♀️ 🤷🏼‍♀️🙈🙈🙈 … Here are some of my favorite outfits I wore before I found out.”

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