Brooke Burke flaunts firm buns doing bikini yoga

Brooke Burke flaunts firm buns doing bikini yoga

Brooke Burke smiles close up. Pic credit: @brookeburke/Instagram

Brooke Burke is flaunting her phenomenal yoga body while hiking up her leg for a bikini-clad session.

The fitness guru, 50, continues to turn heads as she promotes her Brooke Burke Body app – clearly, the former Wild On! star is qualified to be teaching others how to get into shape.

In a recent Instagram share, Brooke showed she likes her workouts social, posting from a boat and amid dramatic blue seas and giant cliffs.

Enjoying the scenery and getting her heart rate up, the gym queen was seen in a blue bikini top and white bottoms while in a table-top position, also extending her left leg out for a stretch that incorporated a Pilates aspect.

Coordinating her moves with a group of girlfriends, Brooke also posed in downward dog and with her leg held impressively high, this in a swipe right.

“Let it [fire emoji] BURN,” a caption read.

Brooke Burke gets fans going with summer workout challenge

Over on the Brooke Burke Body Instagram, things have been busy as the entrepreneur gets fans signing up to her plans.

“So many great workouts for you this summer! New content, community & fitness inspiration. If you haven’t started our SEXY, strong Summer challenge, it’s not too late‼️” she wrote earlier this year while showing off a yoga balance in a tight spandex look.

Brooke has also opened up on her diet, something that includes plenty of variety and a clock.

Brooke Burke is a giant fan of intermittent fasting

In 2019, Brooke opened up to Hollywood Life, dishing the deets and revealing:

“I do eat a lot of fat but I am pretty conscious of what I eat, I don’t eat processed food really at all. I intermittent fast faithfully but I’m not like 16 hours strict, it really depends,” adding that she’ll kick off “with the coffee and then after I finish my workout I usually have a really good shake that’s full of everything I need from almond milk to good collagen protein, it will probably have some MCT oil in there, some dates, some macca energy, pretty much all the good stuff and that sustains me for a while. So I’ll do that nearly every day.”

Also fans of intermittent fasting are model Gisele Bundchen, reality star Kourtney Kardashian, and actor Hugh Jackman.

“Simple rules with intermittent fasting that allow you to eat anything you want to eat. It’s crazy,” Brooke added.

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