Christina Milian is a total savage in tight underwear

Christina Milian is a total savage in tight underwear

Christina Milian is a total savage in tight underwear
Christina Milian outdoors. Pic credit: @christinamilian/Instagram

Christina Milian has gone savage in Savage X Fenty underwear as she continues to front singer Rihanna’s best-selling lingerie brand.

The pop singer, 40, updated her Instagram on Thursday with sizzling shots as she wowed her 7.1 million followers, posing in a graffiti-style two-piece that definitely let fans know it’s Savage X Fenty time.

Christina Milian stuns in Savage X Fenty underwear

The Dip It Low hitmaker opened with a mean t-bar sports bra look while posing amid natural sunlight and in semi-profile.

Showing off her slim shoulders and peeping her toned thighs in matching shorts, Christina modeled a black underwear look with the Savage X Fenty brand name scrawled all over it in green.

A mean gaze and perfect curls completed the opening slide, with round 2 bringing the mom of three tugging up her gym-style shorts as she showed off the low-cut bralette. “SAVAGE X FENTY” was written across the bust band and waistband in white, this amid the green scribbles.

In her final photo, the Beignet Box founder gazed to the side while pinging her bra strap out.

“It’s written all over 💚 @savagexfenty #savagexambassador,” a caption read. Christina had last shouted out new mom RiRi’s brand on June 15, this as she chilled for porch sweet tea and celebrated being in Nashville. Here, a similarly logo’d two-piece shouted out Savage X Fenty’s popular sporty underwear trend. “Nashville. Porch swing. Sippin’ sweet tea 🍹@savagexfenty #savagexambassador,” Milian wrote.

Christina continues to impress fans with her snap-back body since welcoming third baby Isaiah in April 2021.

Christina Milian keeps the workouts body and mind

Dishing on her mindset as she spoke to Essence, Christina revealed: “When I work out, I pray. In that moment, I am thankful because of my health and how my blood is flowing because all of that stuff is going to keep me around longer.”

“Sometimes I get completely focused and I’ll go in and work out— sometimes even twice a day— at least three times a week because I’m so excited and really into it. There’s other times when my schedule gets really crazy and I have to figure out when to fit it in,” she added. Milian even dished her favorite workout music – anything Beyonce gets her in the mood.

Christina continues her other main influencing gig alongside Savage X Fenty. She’s a Fashion Nova ambassador, also occasionally promoting the clothing brand’s rival, Pretty Little Thing.

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