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Christine Brown has ‘restored hope in humanity’

Christine Brown has ‘restored hope in humanity’

Christine Brown “restored her hope in humanity” after traveling with her daughters. Pic credit: TLC

Christine Brown of Sister Wives has “restored her hope in humanity” while traveling cross-country with her daughters and meeting new people.

Kody Brown’s third wife, Christine, has been doing a lot of traveling with her kids this year, from seeing plays with her girls, celebrating Aspyn and Mitch’s anniversary, and visiting with her new grandchild, Avalon.

Christine’s latest trip included her travel companions, her two youngest daughters, Ysabel, 18, and Truely, 11. Christine also shares four other children with husband Kody: daughter Aspyn, 26, daughter Mykelti, 25, son Paedon, 22, and daughter Gwendlyn, 19.

Christine Brown travels cross-country with daughters Ysabel and Truely

The 49-year-old mom of six shared a montage of pics on her Instagram account, showing Ysabel and Truely posing in front of several landmarks. One pic showed the girls walking along the Orpheum Theater in Memphis, Tennessee, and another in front of Graceland, along with a few other snapshots along the way.

“Traveling cross country with @truelygracebrown and @ysabelpaigebrown has been absolutely delightful! We’ve met so many wonderful people! There’s nothing like traveling and meeting new people that restores your hope in humanity!” Christine captioned her pics.

Once again absent from Christine’s photos was her husband of 31 years, Kody Brown. Most of Kody’s four wives have been enjoying their summers, traveling and posting pics from family gatherings.

However, Kody has rarely been seen in any of his wives’ photos recently. Kody made a rare appearance at his daughter Ysabel’s graduation this spring, but has otherwise laid low (besides recently joining Cameo).

In April, Christine visited Twin Falls, Idaho with her kids and Kody was once again absent from the family pics online.

Christine and Kody’s marital struggles play out on Sister Wives

Christine and Kody showed their marital struggles this season on Sister Wives. Christine was open about incidents in the past that made her upset, such as Kody not showering at her home, but her husband thought she just “twists the past.”

Christine brought her desire to move to Utah front and center this season, which didn’t go over well with the rest of the family. But admittedly, the one argument that Christine and Kody repeatedly had that caused their “rough relationship,” was over living in one house.

The Browns lived under one roof in Lehi, Utah when fans were first introduced to Sister Wives in 2010. Christine was the only one of Kody’s four wives to make it clear that she never wanted to share a roof with her sister wives again.

Now, the Browns are living as four separate families in Flagstaff, Arizona as they wait to build on their property at Coyote Pass.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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