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Does Lexi from Below Deck Med get fired?

Does Lexi from Below Deck Med get fired?

Lexi is testing the crew’s patience on Below Deck Med, especially chief stew Katie. Pic credit: Bravo

Does Lexi from Below Deck Mediterranean get fired? That’s the question on viewers’ minds as Lexi Wilson continues to bring the drama on Season 6 of the hit yachting show.

Lexi has been the villain of the current Below Deck Med season from day one. She has given off an entitled vibe and been making snide remarks to and about her colleagues. Plus, there’s no question that Lexi thinks she is better than the rest of the crew.

After butting heads with chef Mathew Shea, Lexi took her behavior way too far during a crew night out. Lexi blasted words of anger at bosun Malia White, shoved Mzi “Zee” Dempers, and put Lloyd Spencer’s face in her boobs.

Chief stew Katie Flood was ready to fire Lexi, but at Captain Sandy Yawn’s request, Katie gave her another chance. Although Lexi apologized to the crew, it was far from genuine or heartfelt.

The Lady Michelle crew had done their best to move on from the drama. However, Lexi continues to be a thorn in Katie’s side.

Katie loses patience with Lexi’s work ethic

For weeks, Lexi’s future on Below Deck Mediterranean has been in question. Thanks to a preview clip Bravo dropped for Below Deck Med Season 6 Episode 8, it looks likes Lexi’s days are numbered.

The short footage features Lexi slacking on the job, with Katie literally having to do everything herself. Lexi not being on the ball causes Katie and the interior to look bad in front of the new charter guests.

Katie even has a conversation with Captain Sandy regarding Lexi’s work ethic. The chief stew needs Lexi gone for her department to run efficiently.

The Below Deck Mediterranean preview footage can be viewed here.

Does Lexi from Below Deck Med get fired?

Spoiler alert – The rest of this article has spoilers from Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 8, that aired on Peacock early access. If you do not want spoilers, please stop reading.

All signs point to Lexi getting fired from Below Deck Mediterranean. Captain Sandy had a chef, deckhand, and stew all sent to quarantine. The scene of her issuing that request would never have aired if, at some point, a crew member wasn’t given the boot.

Does Lexi from Below Deck Med get fired?
Pic credit: @Crystal_Strong1/Twitter

Since the captain has decided to keep chef Mathew, the chef isn’t a replacement. Well, at least not yet. Chef Mathew’s a wild card, that’s for sure.

Those who watched Episode 8 on Peacock know that Katie has had it with Lexi. The chief stew did what Captain Sandy asked but can’t take Lexi anymore.

Preview footage for Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 9 teases chief stew Katie Food meeting with Lexi Wilson and a new stew walking toward The Lady Michelle.

Yes, it looks like Lexi is getting her walking papers.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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