Gymnast Livvy Dunne in thigh-skimming minidress for major milestone

Gymnast Livvy Dunne in thigh-skimming minidress for major milestone

Livvy Dunne poses close up. Pic credit: @livvydunne/Instagram

Gymnast Livvy Dunne is stunning in the tightest of minidress as she celebrates a major milestone.

The 19-year-old Louisiana State University gymnast has officially hit celebrity status – while she was already the most-followed NCAA athlete on social media back in 2021, she was yet to be a red carpet face.

Posting to celebrate hitting 2 million Instagram followers last week, the blonde showed off her super-toned figure from a car and for late-night snaps marking her achievement.

Livvy, also followed by over 5 million on TikTok, posed amid swish tan leather seats and in a plunging and strappy black microdress.

Going for a push-up cleavage look as she folded her legs in the opening snap, the Forever 21 face sent out a confident smile while highlighting her killer pins – she was snapped with a matching black purse next to her.

In the second photo, Livvy delivered a wink and a pout, plus the peace sign with both hands, here showing off her yellow-and-white Nike sneakers. “Thank you for 2 mil,” she wrote with a white heart emoji.

Livvy seems all set, career-wise. Her TikToks can top 10 million views, and the brand deals just keep coming in.

Last year, Livvy signed with Vuori Clothing for her first major partnership – she’s since been snapped up by American Eagle, Plantfuel, Forever 21, and beauty giant L’Oréal.

Livvy Dunne says she handles social media pressure just fine

Speaking to her TikTok followers, Livvy last year said: “I just want to be a role model to young girls. I want to set a good example… I’m kind of just going with the flow, and it’s very exciting.”

Speaking to New York Post, the flexible star also revealed: “I don’t feel too much pressure, because doing social media is always something that I’ve loved, and I’ve always taken it pretty seriously. At times, I can get overwhelmed with how busy things are, but I don’t feel pressure on a day-to-day basis.”

Livvy’s Instagram is already followed by prestigious gymnasts, including Nastia Liukin and McKayla Maroney.

Livvy Dunne relieved over rule changes for promo

Livvy’s earnings come in the wake of rule changes. The NCAA once banned its athletes from using their image or name for monetary gain.

“I think it’s great for female student athletes in gymnastics like myself because there is really no professional league after college, so we can capitalize on our opportunities right now. It’s such a special thing. It’s like I’m part of history, all of us student athletes are,” Livvy said of the changes when speaking to the New York Post.

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