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Jake Fights With Terry Over a Case (VIDEO)

Jake Fights With Terry Over a Case (VIDEO)

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine gang are up to their usual shenanigans in the upcoming fourth episode of the final season.

In an exclusive sneak peek from the installment, “Balancing,” Jake (Andy Samberg) is sticking to his guns during a debriefing lead by Terry (Terry Crews). The clip, above, sees Terry open up the conversation by providing details surrounding a crime they’re the Nine-Nine is going to be working on.

“We had a murder this morning,” Terry announces. The vic was found at 8:45 by a dogwalker who let herself into his apartment.” Along with providing these details, Terry also unveils a visual of the scene he’s describing and that’s what sparks a debate between him and Jake.

(Credit: NBC)

“Oh my god, it’s Franzia!,” Jake exclaims excitedly. “This is the work of Johnny Franzia, my white whale. He’s finally resurfaced,” he further explains.

Jake’s excitement is met by an extinguishing response from Terry who says, “not this again.”

But Jake isn’t letting go. “Yes, this again,” he says. “Johnny Franzia has been on a murder spree for the past 10 years and everytime he kills someone he taunts me. Look! There’s a deck of cards,” Jake adds, pointing to the crime scene photo on the projector screen behind Terry.

Is that a sign that Jake’s long-evading criminal is on the rise once again or is it sheer coincidence? Terry seems to think it’s the latter.”You say that whenever there are cards at a crime scene,” Terry argues. “You know how many people own cards, Jake?”

See if Jake can further express his argument or if his feelings about Franzia are clouding his judgment in the full clip and make sure to catch the full episode on NBC.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 8, Thursdays, 8/7c, NBC

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