Kaley Cuoco whips leg in spandex boxing session

Kaley Cuoco whips leg in spandex boxing session

Kaley Cuoco smiles close up. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/S-Bukley

Kaley Cuoco has been showing off her mean kickboxing moves as she muscles up during a hardcore training session. The sitcom star, 36, was a million miles away from the ditzy-yet-street-smart Penny character she played on The Big Bang Theory last week, posting a workout to her Instagram stories and proving she’s made of hard stuff.

Kaley was channeling her inner boxer, also burning calories as she took her trainer prisoner.

Kaley Cuoco kick-boxing stuns in impressive video

The video showed the popular blonde acing her moves while in a skintight look. Kaley was with SAG-AFTRA stunt professional Josh Fried, with the footage seeing Josh putting Kaley through her paces.

The Flight Attendant star wore tight black leggings and a multicolor, tie-dye-splash workout tank, flaunting her trim and toned frame as she made her way across the room – one leg whip at a time.

A caption read:

“THANK YOU @JOSHFRIEDSTUNTS FOR THE CRAZY FUN TODAY. I HOPE I REMEMBER THESE MOVES LOL.” Also included was a posed, post-workout shot, better showing off Kaley’s fierce gym body.

Kaley’s workouts are regularly shared to her social media and tend to involve trainer Ryan Sorensen – he’s a regular face in the home gym inside Kaley’s garage.

In 2021, Ryan appeared on The Today Show, dishing on his A-Lister client and revealing: “Kaley’s favorite workouts are the ones that challenge her. Like if she has a hard time doing something at first, she’ll want to do that exercise every single time until she gets it,” also listing her stability ball work.

Kaley Cuoco doesn’t give up

“It’s really tough,” he added. “She started by using mobility sticks — and then eventually, she got to the point where she didn’t need them anymore. She was like, ‘I’m gonna keep at this until I get it right.’ That’s just how she works.” Kaley’s workouts are generally held at her $12 million Hidden Hills estate. For much of the pandemic, sister and The Flight Attendant costar Briana Cuoco was in quarantine there, making the workouts a joint affair.

“We stay away from a lot of weight training. For Kaley, it’s about staying toned and and not building a ton of muscle,” Sorensen continued. Kaley’s workouts include stair climber work and treadmill runs, plus using an indoor rower and doing slow dumbbell exercises with a gym bench. The actress further keeps in shape by lugging around heavy weighted balls, and she gets creative, hauling them at her own garage walls.

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