Karen Landry-Williams claps back at haters in cheeky swimwear

Karen Landry-Williams claps back at haters in cheeky swimwear

Karen Landry-Williams gained fans and critics after Married at First Sight Season 11. Pic credit: @k.lan1/Instagram

Karen Landry-Williams had a message for the haters in her recent post. 

Flaunting her summer body in swimwear, Karen addressed those who criticized her for her behavior on Married at First Sight Season 11. 

MAFS viewers will recall that Karen appeared cold and, at times, harsh with her husband, Miles Williams, during their nationally televised marriage. 

Despite their initial trouble connecting, Karen and Miles chose to stay married and currently remain married. 

Karen has come a long way from feeling hesitant about Miles, as she’s now very affectionate with her husband. 

While there’s been lots of growth, Karen still receives backlash due to her TV portrayal, and she clapped back while suggesting the public has the wrong idea about her. 

Karen Landry-Williams says her man is happy despite what some may think 

Karen Landry-Williams took to Instagram, sharing a video of herself mouthing Nicki Minaj’s audio.

At the start of the video, Karen dressed down in a bonnet as she mouthed, “If you don’t like me, that’s fine. But you, know….”

The video then cut to Karen confidently flaunting her figure in a white bikini top and hot pink bikini bottoms as long blonde braids hung down her back. A gorgeous ocean and sky could be seen in the background, with a pool and greenery. 

Karen posed while completing audio that stated, “Watch your mouth.” 

The video ended with Karen whipping off her glasses as she walked toward the camera and puckered her lips with her blonde braids in a high bun. 

Karen captioned the post, “The haters have been doing their job… incorrectly. Do your research first before coming for me. Don’t be the idiot thinking “you know what happened” or “you know who Karen really is” because of what you’ve seen on tv. It will have you out here looking real idiotic. To my real supporters and educated queens & kings… thank y’all for seeing me. Now back to my vacation…”

Karen concluded her caption, “PS – my man is happy. Go worry about yours 😉.”

MAFS stars praise Karen’s video 

Karen’s video and cheeky display were well received by followers and MAFS stars. 

MAFS Season 12 star Paige Banks wrote, “Period! Gotta special invite to add people to that Block Party.” 

Briana from MAFS Season 12 left clapping emojis, and Karen’s MAFS Season 11 costar Amani Randall commented, “Yasss sis! Ya look tf GOODT! PS I have no problem throwing hands.” 

Karen Landry-Williams claps back at haters in cheeky swimwear
Pic credit: @k.lan1/Instagram

MAFS Season 14 star Jasmina commented, “Ummmmm yassssss. Everything aobut you.” 

Karen Landry-Williams' comment section
Pic credit: @k.lan1/Instagram

Jasmina’s costar Katina Goode wrote, “PERIODDDD.” 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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