Kim Basinger shares nude throwback ‘fur-free’ ad

Kim Basinger shares nude throwback ‘fur-free’ ad

Kim Basinger shared a nude throwback photo from her 1994 PETA ad. Pic credit: ©

Model and actress Kim Basinger tends to stay out of the spotlight and focus on her personal life these days, but that doesn’t mean she’s given up on her activism. The 68-year-old mom and actress is still a staunch animal rights activist and frequently uses social media to spread her activism.

Her Instagram bio reads, “Actress that hopes all of humanity will one day treat animals with the respect they deserve,” and she has a history of activism to back up her claims.

Kim shared a throwback photo to her Instagram account today from her PETA ad campaign in 1994 to take a stance against wearing animal furs.

The photo reads, “Beauty is not about wearing someone else’s coat,” as Basinger is seen lying on her back above the text.

However, she isn’t just taking a stance against wearing furs in the photo — She’s completely nude, too.

Kim Basinger shares nude TBT from 1994

The ex to Alec Baldwin captioned her photo, “Wearing fur doesn’t make you beautiful. It shows you have no compassion, no taste, and are truly way behind the times…. Wake up. Join the list of the greatest designers in the world who have said no to the suffering. NO MORE FUR.”

She credited the photo to photographer Greg Gorman, taken in 1994, and added the hashtags, “#tbt, #PETA, #AnimalRights, #FurFree.”

Although the photo was initially likely shot for some cash for PETA’s ad campaign, Kim has made it clear that she truly values animals and their lives, and truly wants to see a fur-free fashion industry. 

In her youth, the model gazed at the camera while strategically covering her slender body for the campaign. While the image was likely inspirational for many who saw it, there’s one person close to Kim who seems to be following in her footsteps.

Kim Basinger’s lookalike daughter Ireland Baldwin has taken a staunch stance against animal cruelty and considers herself an animal rights activist as well, and even did the same nude photoshoot as her mother did in the 90s.

Kim Basinger’s lookalike daughter Ireland Baldwin nude for PETA

In early 2018 at the age of 22, Ireland shared her own photo for the campaign. She posed with her arms raised above her head, block letters strategically covering the most sensitive parts of her body. The letters read, “I’d rather go naked than wear fur.”

Ireland shared her own heartfelt caption, writing, “It’s out! So thrilled to share my brand new Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur campaign with @peta! I’ve dreamt of shooting this for as long as I can remember. If you don’t truly know what goes into making fur, please educate yourself. Fur is cruel no matter what. If you wouldn’t skin and wear your own dog, then you shouldn’t wear fur at all because all animals are created equal. Save our animals, save our planet and join me and #Peta in making more conscious choices.”

The young Baldwin-Basinger shares many candid posts about her life on her Instagram from discussing her anxiety to showing off her many dogs. In her Instagram bio, she writes that she is a writer and a “dog hoarder.” 

Ireland seems to be much closer with her mom Kim based on their shared beliefs and the fact that Ireland frequently posts about her mother’s birthday and gave Kim a short but sweet Mother’s Day tribute

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