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Marie Kondo Is Back to Help People Transform Their Lives (VIDEO)

Marie Kondo Is Back to Help People Transform Their Lives (VIDEO)

“I want to help people to find joy not just by tidying their homes but in every area of their lives,” global organization icon and author Marie Kondo says in the trailer for her new Netflix series Sparking Joy.

And in the new three-episode series dropping on Tuesday, August 31, she’s taking her work a step further. The trailer introduces the individuals she’ll be helping, including a man whose father wants to teach him more about their business but isn’t used to letting go, a woman who doesn’t have energy left for herself or her family when she gets home from work, and another woman who focuses on helping others and has trouble thinking about herself.

“You are important,” Kondo stresses. Watch the trailer below for more from the star and what to expect in these three episodes.

In Sparking Joy, Kondo takes transforming people’s lives in surprising and emotional ways by sparking joy in their homes to another level. She not only uses her life-changing method to help three deserving businesses organize their workplace, but she also provides an emotional tidy-up of one employee’s life — in the home, work, personal life, and/or relationship. Plus, viewers will go inside her home to meet her family and see how she tidies up her own daily life.

Rachelle Mendez serves as showrunner. Joining Kondo and Mendez as executive producers are Jane Lipsitz, Dan Cutforth, Dan Volpe, Nan Strait, Grace Lee-Toumanidis, and Takumi Kawahara. Sparking Joy is produced by Alfred Street Industries and KonMari Productions.

Sparking Joy, Premiere, Tuesday, August 31, Netflix

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