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OWN’s ‘Cherish the Day’ Adds Richard Roundtree & Terri J. Vaughn for Season 2

OWN’s ‘Cherish the Day’ Adds Richard Roundtree & Terri J. Vaughn for Season 2

The cast of OWN’s Cherish the Day is growing as Shaft icon Richard Roundtree and Insecure‘s Terri J. Vaughn join the show for Season 2.

The romantic anthology series from Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated creator Ava DuVernay will see the actors fulfill recurring roles, and also welcomes Sheldon Candis, Angel Kristi Williams, and Merawi Gerima as directors.

Roundtree has been cast as Mandeville “MV” St. James, a proud, loving, wry-humored former judge and widowed father of Joy Bryant‘s Sunday. Meanwhile, Vaughn will portray Anastasia, the soon-to-be ex-wife and mother of Ellis’ (Henry Simmons) children.

Cherish the Day chronicles the relationship of one couple with each episode spanning a single day. Season 2 of the show follows the story of Ellis and Sunday, former high school loves who find themselves reunited in New Orleans. Now leading two separate lives, he as a former basketball player and single father, her as a vegan chef on the cusp of fame, they’ll rekindle something as the season unfolds.

Sheldon Candis, Angel Kristi Williams, and Merawi Gerima (Credit: Kirk McCoy; Kirby Griffin; Lauren Desberg)

Debuting in February 2020, Season 1 featured Xosha Roquemore, Alano Miller, and the late great Cicely Tyson. The Ava DuVernay-led series achieved full gender parity during the production of Season 1 with more than 50% of the crew being comprised of women including 18 department heads. This will continue with Season 2.

Don’t miss the return of Cherish the Day, catch Richard Roundtree, Terri J. Vaughn, Joy Bryant, and Henry Simmons in Season 2 when it arrives on OWN.

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