Paris Hilton rides scooter in silver dress without underwear

Paris Hilton rides scooter in silver dress without underwear

Paris Hilton rides scooter in silver dress without underwear
Paris Hilton rides a scooter without underwear. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Paris Hilton loved her custom cutout silver dress so much that she posted about it twice. The 41-year-old socialite turned DJ took time from her Pride appearance to show off the custom outfit designed especially for her.

Paris had a busy week, opting to go to longtime pal Britney Spears’ wedding instead of a high-profile DJ gig for President Joe Biden. It must be hard having to make such decisions!

Luckily, Britney’s wedding didn’t stop Paris from DJing at Pride, where she played classics, including her own song, Stars are Blind, and hyped up the crowd.

Paris Hilton rides a scooter in a silver cutout dress and heels

Paris Hilton showed that she could do anything in heels as the heiress tried her hand at scooter riding, all for a photo opportunity. Paris wore a custom piece by designer Bryan Hearns which was silver, full of sparkles, and featured long sleeves, which transitioned into fingerless gloves. 

The cutout dress hem came down to her thighs with a slit that went past her hips. Her exposed hip bone showed that she wasn’t wearing any underwear, but the custom piece managed to stay in place.

Paris’ famed midriff was exposed, with pieces of fabric in line shapes connecting the bodice and skirt. Somehow, the reality TV star avoided a wardrobe malfunction as she put her high-heeled ankle boots on the scooter and pushed off for movement.

Of course, Paris’ scooter was also bedazzled in her signature pink rhinestones with some silver crystals. Paris wore silver-framed sunglasses for the shots while she posed on the scooter outside by the pool.

She wrote in her caption, “I’ll be #Sliving & DJ-ing in quite a few countries & cities this Summer!!  Comment below on where you would love to see me perform! .”

Paris shared the photos with her 19.3 million Instagram followers.

Paris Hilton turns down DJ gig for President to attend Britney’s wedding 

Most people would jump at the opportunity to serve as a DJ at a presidential event.

Paris divulged on a recent episode of her podcast, This Is Paris, that she received a chance to do just that.

Unfortunately for the Oval Office, Paris Hilton had more important plans– a wedding. But not just any wedding, Paris’ longtime friend, Britney Spears, was finally getting hitched after 13 years in a restrictive conservatorship.

Paris shared, “I was actually asked to DJ for the President and all of the other presidents around the world for the dinner, but this was more important to me.”

Paris chose friends over business and instead rubbed elbows with fellow guests Donatella Versace, Selena Gomez, and Madonna.

She continued, “And I’m not going to go into any details because it was the princess bride’s night, and that’s her story to tell, but all I can say is that I’m so incredibly happy for her.”

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