Samsung 15W Wall Charger Type C Only (Cable not Included), White


    Fast charging Wall Charger up to 15W with Compatible device
    STAY READY: Give your devices the powerful charging support they deserve. Enjoy 15W Fast Charging for a wide range of tech essentials with any USB-C enabled device. ³⁴
    POWER YOUR DEVICE SAFELY: Keep your devices safe from overcurrent, short circuits and high temperature. Charge safely and securely even in unstable electric environments and without worrying about noise and current leakage.⁵
    ¹Compatible with standard USB Type-C cables. ²For optimum results, please use with authentic Samsung cables which can be purchased separately. ³Actual charging speed may also vary depending on the actual usage, charging conditions, connected devices and other factors. ⁴Depending on factors such as connected device, cable, and charging environment, device may not charge properly. ⁵Based on internal testing.