Samsung DG94-00735C Assy Frame-Cooktop


    This is an authorized aftermarket product. Fits with various Samsung brand models. It has a oem part # DG94-00735C. SUPPORTED MODELS: NE595R0ABBB, NE595R0ABSR, NE595R1ABSR, NE59J3420SB, NE59J3420SS, NE59J3421SS, NE59K3321SS, NE59K6851SS, NE59M6850SG, NE59M6850SS
    This is an O.E.M. Authorized part
    Fits with various Samsung brand models
    OEM part # DG94-00735C
    Package dimensions: 35.0″ L x 30.0″ W x 11.0″ H