Samsung Flip 2 Mobile Stand for WM55R Samsung Flip 2 Digital Flipchart for Business (STN-WM55R)


    Harness the full potential of the Samsung Flip 2 digital flipchart for business with the Samsung Flip Stand. This rolling floor Stand not only offers increased working space in front of the display, but also makes it easy to move your Samsung Flip 2 around the office. Its versatile design conveniently allows you to switch between landscape and portrait orientations. And with its enhanced, hinge Assembly Structure, setup and stocking are easy and efficient.
    Rolling floor stand for the Samsung flip 2 Digital flipchart for business, providing a portable installation option
    Offers increased working space in front of the display
    Versatile design allows seamless switching between landscape and portrait orientations
    Enhanced, hinge Assembly structure for easy setup and efficient stocking
    Equipped with wheels so you can move the Flip 2 around the office