Sarah Hyland in a white bikini gets her wings

Sarah Hyland in a white bikini gets her wings

Sarah Hyland is enjoying her last single days in a bikini on a pool float. Pic credit: ©

Sarah Hyland is living it up in the best way possible as she gets ready to marry Bachelor in Paradise star Wells Adams.

The 31-year-old Modern Family star has been getting ready for her big day for a long time, and the pair even had to postpone their wedding twice.

Nothing will stop Sarah and Wells from tying the knot this year as they’ve set a date, celebrated their bachelorhood, and both of them are ready to be together forever.

But not before a bit of relaxation in the pool, not to mention a paid partnership because it’s no secret that weddings aren’t cheap.

In Sarah’s latest photo share, which she spread out between her Instagram page and her IG Stories, the new Love Island USA host looked stunning in a white bikini as she showed off her Truly drink while taking a dip in the pool.

In the photo, she has her arms raised in the air with a can of Truly in one of them. Sarah wore a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses for the snap, and you can see the winged pool float behind her. In the distance, the California beach sits in the backdrop with palm trees and a sandy beach making this picture look like paradise.

Sarah Hyland in a white bikini gets her wings
Sarah Hyland enjoys the pool with an ocean view. Pic credit: @sarahhyland/Instagram

Then, Sarah took to her Instagram Stories for another photo. This time, she was lying on the winged pool float, giving a much better view of her white bikini. With the winged float behind her, Sarah looked truly angelic as she sipped her hard seltzer beverage.

Sarah Hyland hits the pool in a white bikini and a winged float
Sarah Hyland enjoys the pool in a white bikini while lying on a winged pool float. Pic credit: @sarahhyland/Instagram

Sarah and Wells reveal what’s in their wedding registry

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are getting married on August 13, and ahead of their big day, the pair showed fans what they put on their wedding registry.

Naturally, the registry reveal was sponsored, this time by Amazon, but it still didn’t disappoint. As their wedding gifts started to arrive, Sarah and Wells posed in front of them, revealing a nice set of cookware and a Yeti cooler, among other things.

More items from their registry include towels, bedding, glassware, and a Belgian waffle maker.

Sarah Hyland made her debut as Love Island USA host

As their wedding date gets closer, Sarah Hyland also has a new job as she’s taking over hosting duties for Season 4 of Love Island USA.

When the summertime dating show moved from CBS to Peacock, changes included a new host and narrator. And though we’ve barely seen Sarah since the season started, fans of the show have weighed in on her new gig, and, for the most part, the reviews have been good.

This season is in full swing now, and the Islanders are finally starting to settle in and play the game. With things finally heating up, it’s time to really tune in to Love Island USA now, not only for the Sarah sightings but also for the over-the-top drama, sizzling couplings, and a good time.

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