Siblings to Search for Love Together in Netflix Reality Series ‘Dated & Related’ (VIDEO)

Siblings to Search for Love Together in Netflix Reality Series ‘Dated & Related’ (VIDEO)

Dating can be awkward at the best of times; now imagine your brother or sister there to watch your every move. That’s the concept behind the new Netflix reality series Dated & Related, which is set to premiere on Friday, September 2.

The series will see a group of singles living in a luxury villa in the south of France in the hopes of finding love. The catch? Each person is joined by their sibling, who is also looking for love. “Having the person who knows you better than anyone should help you navigate the tricky world of dating,” reads the show’s synopsis, but, judging by the trailer, it could also make things that much harder.

In the teaser, we see cringe-inducing dinner dates, uncomfortable sibling conversations, and plenty of awkward hookups. “Why would anyone do this?” asks host Melinda Berry, which is an entirely valid question. “Because finding love isn’t easy,” she follows up, which doesn’t quite justify things. Berry herself rose to fame on the second season of another awkward Netflix dating show, Too Hot to Handle.

Cast members include Texas-based student sisters Mady and Lily Bajor; British twin brothers Kaz and Kieran Bishop; competitive cousins Jason Cohen and Chris Hahn; brothers and best friends Dyman and Deyon Miller; Norwegian twin sisters Diana Javidi Parsijani and Nina Javidi Parsijani; and brother and sister combo Corrina and Joey Roppo.

The series comes from All3Media labels Great Scott Media and Main Event Media. It is executive produced by Leon Wilson, Ed Sleeman, Saul Fearnley, Jimmy Fox, and Emily Bon.

“Is this about to be the most awkward dating show in history?” wonders Berry towards the end of the trailer. Judging by this brief snippet? It’s undoubtedly going to be in the running.

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