The Challenge’s Jenna Compono poses in black underwear as she preps for second baby

The Challenge’s Jenna Compono poses in black underwear as she preps for second baby

The Challenge’s Jenna Compono poses in black underwear as she preps for second baby
The Challenge’s Jenna Compono poses for an Instagram selfie. Pic credit: @jennacompono/Instagram

As she prepares to have her second child with her husband, Zach Nichols, The Challenge star Jenna Compono shows fans and followers how she reduces stretch marks during pregnancy.

The former Real World star and three-time finalist on MTV’s competition series modeled black undergarments in a social media share mentioning “Baby No. 2” and a particular belly serum she has found helpful.

The latest content arrived soon after Jenna released her first-ever line of clothing, Body by Breezy, a unique activewear collection offered for a limited time online.

Jenna Compono shows early baby bump in photo

Posting to her 631,000 followers on Instagram on Friday, Jenna Compono wore only a black bra and panties as she showed herself in her earliest stages of pregnancy. The Challenge star also showed off her favorite belly serum Petit Boquet Belly Serum, which helps to reduce stretch marks.

She’s already had one child and is now preparing for a second, making the belly serum a favorite item for Jenna to improve her skin’s health during pregnancy. Based on her hashtags in the IG post, it’s suitable for “#AllAgesAllStages.”

She mentioned that she uses the serum “religiously every day” and that it’s been proven to reduce stretch marks by as much as “62 percent” in as little as eight weeks.

The serum is made and sold by Evereden, with a 1.7 fluid ounces bottle currently selling for $36 on the website. Jenna mentions in her Instagram post advertisement that customers can use her code “JENNA15” which knocks the price down by 15 percent.

News that Jenna and Zach were expecting their second child arrived last week, as the couple who met on The Challenge gave an exclusive announcement to E! News.

Jenna said she feels more prepared this time after going through the first pregnancy with Anthony Joseph, as she knows what to expect. Zach also spoke about his excitement at Anthony having a sibling that will be close to his age, almost like a “built-in best friend.”

Jenna launched Body By Beezly clothing on-demand

On Thursday, Jenna launched her first-ever workout gear line, Body by Beezly. The activewear is made on-demand for customers to prevent the overproduction of clothing and excess textile waste from going into landfills.

Based on details on the website, inspiration for Jenna’s activewear came after she had her first baby, Anthony Joseph, as she preferred wearing activewear and was trying to get herself back into shape.

The new clothing line is available for only four days and includes hoodies, shorts, sports bras, and jogger pants. Prices range from $35 to $65 as of this report.

Jenna has previously mentioned an intention to return to The Challenge or possibly the All Stars spinoff. However, she and Zach are busy as new parents to Anthony Joseph and soon-to-be parents to his brother or sister.

Once the kids have grown up a bit, Jenna could likely return to her old stomping grounds of The Challenge and possibly capture that first winning season for her career.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA for MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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