USA’s Angela Rummans shows off ‘unbothered’ state with fiance after castmate’s comments

USA’s Angela Rummans shows off ‘unbothered’ state with fiance after castmate’s comments

Angela Rummans appears in a promotional video for The Challenge: USA. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

Soon after The Challenge: USA’s fourth episode aired, Angela Rummans was a hot topic due to her involvement in a decision to oust certain castmates from the game.

One of those castmates blasted her in exit interview comments and a since-deleted tweet. However, Angela didn’t reply to any of the remarks.

Instead, she shared an Instagram post featuring her seated in a chair for a beach scene wearing a brown and white checkered top and white shorts.

Standing by her side near a palm tree was her former Big Brother castmate and current fiance, Tyler Crispen, wearing an unbuttoned yellow shirt over a white t-shirt to go with dark swimming trunks. A surfboard also rested on the tree next to Angela.

She had her sunglasses in hand, with part of them resting against her lip as she averted her gaze and looked at something off to the side.

A second slide in the IG post is a video clip. Tyler may have been filming Angela, as she’s looking over to the side and then glances towards someone off camera, giving a smirk.

“Not a worry in the world 🤍 @nautandchain,” she wrote in her caption, promoting Naut & Chain, the minimalist jewelry brand they created.

Her latest IG post collected over 5,600 Likes and nearly 100 comments from friends, fans, and followers who reacted to the reality TV couple.

Castmates show support for Angela in comments

Among those commenting on Angela’s latest post were several of her castmates from The Challenge: USA and her fiance Tyler Crispen.

Tyler referred to Angela as “unbothered” based on the latest content share. That’s also in the title of Angela’s 2019 self-help and personal transformation book, Unbothered: Break Down the Boulders Between You and Your True Potential.

USA’s Angela Rummans shows off ‘unbothered’ state with fiance after castmate’s comments
Pic credit: @angelarummans/Instagram

“We love an unbothered queen,” wrote former Love Island star Shannon St. Clair.

shannon st clair reacts to angela rummans ig pic and video
Pic credit: @angelarummans/Instagram

“Queen energy ALWAYSSSSS,” wrote another Love Islander and Challenge: USA star, Cashay Proudfoot.

cashay proudfoot reacts to angela rummans ig post
Pic credit: @angelarummans/Instagram

“My girl,” wrote castmate Alyssa Lopez who included a heart emoji to show the love.

alyssa lopez comments angela rummans ig post
Pic credit: @angelarummans/Instagram

Survivor star commented about Angela after Episode 4

Here’s an advanced warning: spoilers will follow for CBS’ spinoff show, The Challenge: USA, through Episode 4.

With Angela Rummans on The Challenge: USA, viewers saw her quickly emerge as a threat in the competition after she teamed up with Survivor star Tyson Apostol to win the first daily challenge. That qualified both of them to run in TJ Lavin’s final if they could make it to the end of the season.

Angela won a daily challenge again, teaming up with Kyland Young to win Hang On Man in Episode 3. Every time a team wins a daily challenge, they earn $5,000 and are safe from elimination, plus they also get to send a team into the elimination.

While Angela didn’t win in Episode 4, she ended up being someone that the winners, Kyland and Alyssa, consulted with when deciding who to send into elimination. Angela suggested they could choose Xavier Prather and Shantel “Shan” Smith, advising them they could say it was because of Shan so their friend Xavier wouldn’t take it personally.

Once the episode aired, Shan and Xavier could start talking more about what went down and give their post-filming comments. Shan didn’t have anything nice to say about her castmate Angela in one exit interview, bringing up the work she’d had done on her face, including Botox and fillers.

She also referred to her as a “racist Klanswoman” in one of her since-deleted tweets directed at castmate Alyssa Lopez. While Alyssa fired off several tweets about Shan, Angela isn’t on Twitter. Based on her IG post, she isn’t worried about Shan’s remarks.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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