‘Weakest Link’ Renewed for Longer Season 3 at NBC

‘Weakest Link’ Renewed for Longer Season 3 at NBC

NBC has renewed Weakest Link for Season 3, which is going to be super-sized with more episodes than ever. Season 2, which premiered March 13, consisted of 13 episodes, and Season 3 will have 20. Jane Lynch will return to host and executive produce the game show’s third installment.

In each episode of Weakest Link, eight contestants enter the studio as total strangers but must work together to bank the maximum amount of prize money available in each round. The contestants take turns answering general knowledge questions to build chains of correct answers. Consecutive correct answers greatly increase the value of the chain, while incorrect answers break the chain and force the players to start over on the lowest rung with the smallest amount money. At the end of each round, contestants vote to eliminate a fellow contestant they consider to be the “Weakest Link” in the chain. The player with the highest number of votes leaves the game as the Lynch declares the iconic phrase, “You are the Weakest Link. Goodbye.”

Reruns of Season 2 are currently airing on NBC, and the network says the summer run has improved NBC’s Monday 10 p.m. time slot by double-digit percentages across the board, including an increase of 30% in the 18-49 demo and up 26% in total viewers.

“I’m very much looking forward to a third season of mocking contestants and encouraging discord,” Lynch said in a statement regarding the show’s renewal.

Weakest Link is a British import based on the memorable quiz show format distributed by BBC Studios. The U.S. iteration of Weakest Link is co-produced by BBC Studios Los Angeles Productions and Universal Television Alternative Studio, a division of Universal Studio Group. Production on Season 3 is set to begin this fall, and applications are currently open for anyone interested in appearing on the show. Fans over 18 years old can apply at theweakestlinkcasting.com.

Ryan O’Dowd serves as executive producer for BBC Studios. Stuart Krasnow, who executive produced the original NBC run, serves in the same role as well as showrunner. Lynch also executive produces, along with Aaron Solomon.

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