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What We Want to See in a Wrap-up Movie

What We Want to See in a Wrap-up Movie

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist may be getting what few canceled shows do: a chance to wrap up all the loose ends from the end of the finale.

A two-hour movie is reportedly coming to Roku, around the holidays — and depending on how that does, it’s possible we could get more episodes, too. While nothing is confirmed just yet, we’re already thinking about what we’d like to see happen. After all, the NBC series finale left off with Zoey (Jane Levy) singing a heart song to Max (Skylar Astin) — though she’s the one who hears those musical tunes that express how people are feeling. Neither had any idea how that happened.

And while some storylines were sort of wrapped up — Simon (John Clarence Stewart) made a major career move, Mo (Alex Newell) and Perry (David St. Louis) are together, Maggie (Mary Steenburgen) has decided to think about dating and informed her kids — they still left off in ways that left us needing to see more.

So below, we’ve gathered what we’d like to see if a Zoey’s movie does, in fact, happen.

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