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Willie Teaches Gully About Storytelling (VIDEO)

Willie Teaches Gully About Storytelling (VIDEO)

Willie Day (Mary McCormack) is pulling plenty of punches in the next episode of Starz’s new wrestling drama Heels.

In an exclusive sneak peek clip from the installment “Dusty Finish,” above, the managing producer behind DWL is sitting down with Charlie Gully (Mike O’Malley), the owner of Florida Wrestling Promotion (FWD). The conversation is civil but ever-so-threatening at the same time as Willie teaches Gully a lesson or two about storytelling.

Defensive as ever of Jack (Stephen Amell), Ace (Alexander Ludwig), and the DWL, Willie offers Gully her perspective on their brewing competition with FWD.

(Credit: Starz)

“Do you know why your show sucks, Gully? It’s partly because you’re a latecomer to this business with no real sense of its history, but mostly it’s that you’re not from here,” Willie states bluntly. “You think cause these folks are poor, they’re dumb, since they’re dumb, they just want to see violent s**theads getting busted open with baseball bats. But they come to our shows cause they want to see a good story doesn’t matter how fancy the arena is or whether anybody bleeds.”

As if the message didn’t sink in enough, Willie continues dropping truth bombs as she sits opposite Gully in a local diner booth. “That’s why with a fifth of your budget, we’re still your competition,” Willie says of DWL’s storytelling abilities. “That’s why one day soon DWL is gonna be the competition.”

After a breathless delivery, Willie needs a cigarette and lights up in the diner. “I don’t think you’re supposed to smoke in here,” Gully informs her. Willie has some choice words for Gully before she blows a big puff of smoke in his face.

But does Gully have purer intentions than Willie believes? See what else he’s saying to her in the full clip, above, and don’t miss the latest episode of Heels on Starz.

Heels, New Episodes, Sundays, 9/8c, Starz

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